Declaration of Freedom and Praise

YAHUAH, Your power and glory endures forever, for eternity

Allow us to glorify Your name, YAHUAH, the Creator of the sun and the moon,

King above all gods

Praise be Your name, Your name, YAHUAH ; for our people’s treasure rests with You and Your presence

Deliver my people from our enemies who persecute us daily, be our Judge continually

Showers of Your healing restore the broken pieces of our bloodline and nation

YAHUAH, You are the ceiling, the sky, the foundation, the Earth, our bloodline’s refuge, You, YAHUAH, are worthy to be praised

Including Your majesty in the Earth, heavens, and in all things

Our people, known as many bywords and names: Negroes, Hebrews, Yisraelites, our bloodline is strong, planted deeply in Your spiritual soil and rooted deeply in Your unconditional love

Your truth rests upon our bloodline’s shoulders pouring like rain from above

Thank You for cleansing our sins and guiding us to obey and follow Your commandments, statutes, and judgments

YAHUAH, allow our people to continue to praise only You, to worship only You

To acknowledge that only You are the Judge of all things, every spirit and soul on Earth

and our enemies and those who prey and attack our people in secret and in public

YAHUAH, allow Your joy to rain upon my people

Freedom, love, forgiveness, mercy, healing, peace and truth

YAHUAH, allow Your Truth and Light to set our people and bloodline free

Spiritually, mentally, physically, to separate from our enemy and in all ways

HalleuYAH, the enemy may control

Glory be Your name YAHUAH, forever and always , Selah.