Editorial Services 

For editorial services please submit a request on the Contact Us page.

Developmental Editing

The developmental editing will consist of a "big picture" critique for your unpublished work.

The critique will review the plot, characters, and overall structure of the story.

Suggestions will also be provided.

Under 10K words



10K words to 40K words


40K words and up

$250 to $400

Line Editing

The line editing will consist of reviewing misspellings,

grammar, missing words, syntax, and word usage.

Feedback on the story will not be provided.

Under 10K words


10K words to 40K


40K words and up


Beta Reading

Beta reading will consist of comments and thoughts about your edited and finished


Under 10K


10K words to 35K


35K words and up


An editorial service agreement will be emailed after a request has been approved. 

A sample edit can be provided if needed prior to the submission.

Payments and invoices will be sent via Paypal.

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